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Avalia Recommended by Nexthink VP of Engineering

The inspiration for Nexthink came from an advanced research project in artificial intelligence at the prestigious EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) in Switzerland.

Photo of Sebastien Baehni,  Vice President of Engineering, Nexthink

Sebastien Baehni VP of Engineering, Nexthink

“I can recommend Avalia to anyone that needs to understand the software development context of a company quickly.”

One of the outside reviewers, an IT director at a famous watch company, said the research was so innovative that if it could be turned into a product they would buy it. Soon after Nexthink was formed, and two years later that famous watch company became Nexthink’s first customer.

In the process two patents were filed, one for real-time visualization and the other for using artificial intelligence and self-learning to determine abnormal behaviors.

Since that time, Nexthink has experienced explosive growth doubling each successive year as IT departments in Global 5000 companies change their perspective.


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