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Software Due Diligence

Are you investing in technology? We provide data-driven insights into the target's software development products, processes, and people that focus on business impact as well as an action roadmap to ensure the technology not only enables the investment thesis but there's a clear path to value creation.

Our Software Due Diligence provides you with answers to key questions:

What are the technical risks in your acquisition target that even they are unaware of?

Can your target’s team and products scale as fast as your business plan requires?

How do you contribute to the post-deal roadmap of your target’s software development?


In as little as 2 weeks, our Software Due Diligence connects the dots between the business and technology, delivering insights that help you make sound investments and recommendations to help you drive business growth post-deal.

Our proprietary software analytics platform extracts metadata from systems such as source code version-control (e.g. git, microsoft TFS), issue tracking (e.g. Jira, Trello), and code quality analysis (e.g. SonarSource) and presents a visual analysis of the data.


With extensive experience in software development and business, our experts analyse the data to uncover surprising insights and drive deep-dive interviews and surveys with the target’s key personnel.

Regular calls throughout the Software Due Diligence process keep you informed on the progress and the insights we acquire, allowing you can adjust your strategy and final negotiations accordingly.

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Red Hat’s Hidden Treasure
At $34 billion, IBM has pulled the biggest software M&A ever, paying Red Hat shareholders a $14 billion premium in cash. Avalia has analysed one of Red Hat’s fastest growing products and, in the process, gained insights into its strategic value.

Sebastian Alexander Maciejewski  |  Principal at Via Equity

Software and IT service companies are at the core of our investment focus. In this context, we have worked with Avalia repeatedly as a trusted advisor to conduct our software due diligence. They are techie, data-driven, and supported us in our investment considerations reliably.

Sebastian Maciejewski
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How to Evaluate Digital Assets Before an Acquisition
In this eBook, we cover the link between software innovation and successful investments; six tips to help improve M&A deals in the digital age; a case study on setting up the acquisition of a startup; and
the three phases of a successful integration.
Avalia Advises Alpha Capital SPAC in Merger to Bring  Semantix to the Nasdaq
Avalia Systems performed the Software Due Diligence for Alpha Capital SPAC’s merger with Semantix, a deal with an approximate $1 billion valuation and an expected Nasdaq listing for the Brazilian tech unicorn.

Client Stories

From corporate M&A to private equity and venture capital deals, our clients have adopted our innovative approach to Software Due Diligence in their investments. Read their success stories.

Software Modernization
Do you want to modernize your software? We help you assess your software development challenges and capabilities and build a detailed roadmap to evolve your legacy applications and processes with the support of our team.
Tech Advisory
Do you aim to improve your team’s results? With our experts on your team, we help you stay up-to-date with business and technical innovations that have the most impact for your team and advise you on how to apply leading edge technologies and practices so you achieve more.
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