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Tech Advisory

How much time do you spend keeping up with the latest innovations in software?

Where do you go for independent expert advice that is specific to your challenges and context?

Who can give you a data-backed and business-centric perspective when you need it?

With Avalia’s Tech Advisory, you have our experts on your team. We help you stay up-to-date with the business and technical innovations that will have the biggest impact for you and your team.


Our partnership with the Swiss University of Applied Sciences, HEIG-VD, brings you the latest research in software engineering on topics such as DevOps, microservice architectures, and Agile leadership, while our work with global organisations and investors give us the pulse of where the business is going.

Avalia Systems' Tech Advisory tool example

We start your advisory by performing software due diligence that provides a clear picture of your organisation’s software development processes, people, and products, as well as a roadmap with clear actions and targets to modernise them.

We then help you track your organisation’s progress by leveraging your teams’ data and feedback. Sources such as source code version-control (e.g. git, microsoft TFS), issue tracking (e.g. Jira, Trello), code quality analysis (e.g. SonarSource), and CRM (e.g. Salesforce), combined with regular feedback from your team collected through our retrospectives app, provide a factual and up-to-date basis for our collaboration sessions.

No matter what challenges you face leading your software development organisation, we work with you to bring recommendations that are business-centric, data-driven, and produce faster results.

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Jose Manuel Silva  |  CIO / COO at Carrefour Bank

Avalia allowed us to quantify the business impact and visualise the intangible value of Ewally’s unique technology, team, and culture. They allowed us make a better informed investment decision and gave us a clear technology roadmap to deliver the growth we are going to bring.

José Manuel Silva
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Softplan: From M&A Due Diligence to Continuous Improvement Program
"Once I saw the result of Avalia's due diligence on an M&A deal I knew they could help me bring our software development team to the next level." 
Avalia Present Research for Agile Teams to Go Beyond Dashboards on IEEE Conference
Avalia published and presented "Beyond Dashboards: On the Many Facets of Metrics and Feedback in Agile Organizations".
Avalia Proposes Open Affect API to Improve Emotion in Agile Organisations
Avalia presented the paper at the Second International Workshop on Emotion Awareness in Software Engineering in Buenos Aires.

Client Stories

From corporate M&A to private equity and venture capital deals, our clients have adopted our innovative approach to Software Due Diligence in their investments. Read their success stories.

Software Due Diligence
Are you investing in technology? We provide data-driven insights into the products, processes, and people and an action roadmap to ensure the technology not only enables the investment thesis but there's a clear path to value creation.
Software Modernization
Do you want to modernize your software? We help you assess your software development challenges and capabilities and build a detailed roadmap to evolve your legacy applications and processes with the support of our team.
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