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Software Modernization

What actions should you prioritise in your migration to the cloud? Should your legacy software be rebuilt or should you grow around it? How can your team become more agile and increase the quality of the software they deliver?

Together, we build a detailed roadmap to evolve your applications with the help of our independent experts. Our software due diligence results in a clear picture of your organisation’s software development processes, people, and products, as well as a roadmap with clear actions and targets to guide you in modernising them.

We help you assess your software development challenges and capabilities using data from systems your organisation uses, such as source code version-control (e.g. Git, Microsoft TFS), issue tracking (e.g. Jira, Trello), and code quality analysis (e.g. SonarSource), as well as interviews and surveys with your software development team.

Our partnership with the Swiss University of Applied Sciences, HEIG-VD, means you get the latest research in software engineering on topics such as DevOps, microservice architectures, and Agile leadership, while our work with organisations and investors around the world give us the pulse of where the business is going.


From understanding your context to building an evolution roadmap and training your team to deliver the plan, we are with you every step of the way, so your team can deliver better results.

Dr. Olivier Liechti explaining about technical debt
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Gauthier Andries  |  CTO at StepStone

I strongly recommend Avalia to any company that wants to improve the performance of their IT organisation. Avalia enabled us to improve our software development productivity by making the strengths we have in different groups within StepStone more visible and clear.

Gauthier Andries
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IEEE Workshop Showcases Automation Case from Avalia
IEEE's 12th IEEE/ACM Workshop on Automation of Software Test showcased "Supporting Agile Teams with a Test Analytics Platform: A Case Study" presented by Dr. Olivier Liechti from Avalia.
How To Eat A Monolithic Elephant?
Steering the evolution of a “legacy” software system is a difficult problem to solve. The size of the codebase, the high degree of coupling between components, and the technical debt accumulated over the years can be overwhelming. 
Temenos Invites Avalia for Live Demo at Innovation Jam
Temenos’ Innovation Jam invites the very best fintech companies to showcase the most impressive demos of financial services software to financial institutions. Avalia Systems was invited to present in Geneva on the 17th of April.

Client Stories

From corporate M&A to private equity and venture capital deals, our clients have adopted our innovative approach to Software Due Diligence in their investments. Read their success stories.

Software Due Diligence
Are you investing in technology? We provide data-driven insights into the products, processes, and people and an action roadmap to ensure the technology not only enables the investment thesis but there's a clear path to value creation.
Tech Advisory
Do you aim to improve your team’s results? With our experts on your team, we help you stay up-to-date with business and technical innovations that have the most impact for your team and advise you on how to apply leading edge technologies and practices so you achieve more.
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