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From Fragmentation to IPO: Streamlining Operations for a Global Advertising Giant

A bustling scene at the headquarters of a global online advertising leader, with modern architecture and digital billboards showcasing interactive ads. Diverse groups of people are seen engaging with the technology and each other, reflecting the company's innovative and inclusive culture.

Our client, a global leader in online advertising, faced significant challenges following a period of expansion through several acquisitions. They sought our expertise to address inefficiencies across global teams. Our analysis revealed disparities in technology, processes, and culture. Our intervention yielded a cohesive roadmap, resulting in increased operational efficiency, reduced turnover, and improved collaboration. With these transformative measures, our client now eyes an IPO in 2024, showcasing the success of a unified approach in overcoming global challenges.


Redundant practices, diverse solutions for similar tasks, and scarce communication among teams have led to dispersion of effort and attention, creating an opportunity to unify operations and gain synergies. The inherent disparities in technology, processes, and organizational culture across different sites further exacerbated the lack of cohesion and efficiency.


Our client sought the expertise of our team to address these challenges and guide the necessary transformations. Over a six to eight-month period, we conducted an in-depth analysis in key locations, diving deep into their processes, tools, and data. Our assessment revealed disparities in technology, processes, and organizational culture. Teams often operated independently, resulting in a lack of cohesion and efficiency.

Our intervention involved creating a comprehensive roadmap for the company, recommending the adoption of best practices identified in different units. We emphasized the importance of a cohesive approach, both in terms of tools and processes, encouraging the company to operate as a unified entity.


The outcomes of our intervention were substantial, as our client successfully implemented effective changes in various areas. The company witnessed a notable increase in operational efficiency, a reduction in developer turnover, and improved collaboration between development teams and end clients. The continuous growth of the company suggests that the implemented transformations had positive impacts on its overall performance.

Future Outlook:

With sustained growth, our client is now planning an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for 2024, solidifying its position as a leading company in their sector. The successful implementation of transformative measures has positioned them for long-term success, demonstrating the efficacy of a unified operational approach in overcoming complex challenges within a global organizational structure.


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