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Avalia Advises Alpha Capital SPAC in Merger Bringing Semantix to Nasdaq

Avalia Systems performed the Software Due Diligence for Alpha Capital SPAC’s merger with Semantix, a deal with an approximate $1 billion valuation and an expected Nasdaq listing for the Brazilian tech unicorn.

Providing data-backed answers to key questions in a challenging time frame, Avalia enabled Alpha Capital to move ahead with confidence in the quality of Semantix’ technology and team.

Picture of Rafael Steinhauser , Co-Founder Alpha Capital

Rafael Steinhauser President and Co-Founder, Alpha Capital Acquisition Company

“Our SPAC Alpha Capital hired Avalia to conduct a Technical Due Diligence on our merger target company Semantix, leader in Data Analytics and AI in Brazil. Avalia demonstrated deep technical know-how and their Software Due Diligence provided data-backed answers quickly, allowing us to confidently move ahead with the merger with confidence in the quality of Semantix’ technology and team.”

Alpha Capital, the tech LATAM SPAC, is a Nasdaq-listed company and the first Latin American-focused technology SPAC to merge with a target company. Brazil-based Semantix is expected to become publicly traded on the Nasdaq, as a result.

Semantix is Latin America’s first fully integrated data software platform that uses several leading edge software techniques such as Machine Learning, AI, Data Lakes, and more to deliver end-to-end solutions to more than 300 customers in over 15 countries.

Alpha Capital’s approach to their tech deal was top notch, going beyond the traditional legal and financial due diligence to work with Avalia on their Software Due Diligence, a best practice of other market leaders in the region like XP Inc, Porto Seguro, Banco Carrefour, Softplan, Movile, and iFood.

Alpha Capital’s innovative approach to tech deals demonstrated a keen awareness of how new business models involving software require new due diligence methods.

Semantix plans to grow their net revenue from an estimated R$198M in 2021 to R$538M in 2023. This growth will be supported by Semantix’ proprietary software, which they aim to move from producing an estimated 27% of their software net revenue in 2021 to 71% by 2023.

2 graphics showing the net revenue and software revenue breakdown

When software is a driver for growth, Software Due Diligence is crucial to identifying risks that can impact enterprise value, in areas such as scalability, security, key-person dependencies, technological obsolescence, technical debt, and wasteful processes, among others.

Understand the business impact of software risks and opportunities to invest in tech with more confidence. Avalia’s Software Due Diligence goes beyond questionnaires and interviews with our proprietary, data-driven software analytics tools and methodology. Our experts combine decades of software engineering and business experience to provide reliable answers to key questions. Otherwise, how will you know?

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