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Part 2: Software Due Diligence Checklist For Better Tech M&A Deals

As we discovered in the first post in this series Software M&A deals are easier, faster and better value when a thorough due diligence investigation has been done.

With Avalia’s extensive experience working with companies to assess the value of a technology acquisition and helping organizations build roadmaps for technology evolutions, we have identified a few key areas that can be used to evaluate a software transaction and have formulated a Software Due Diligence Checklist to help you get started with this process.

Picking up from where we left off in our first post, we will now cover Product Introduction. Obtaining a complete picture of the history and evolution of your target’s product, is key to being able to fully evaluate the the value of the technology and how it impacts the business objectives of the transaction.


  1. Describe the product’s history

  2. Describe the product portfolio and any use cases related to the products

  3. Describe methods used to manage the product roadmap and feature development


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