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Blockchain - how are you thinking of incorporating it into your business model?

Everyone has heard of "cryptocurrencies", "smart contracts" and "blockchain"... but concretely, what should be done to evaluate these technologies and explore business scenarios?

This is exactly what the Avalia Systems team guided attendees to discover, during two events in Switzerland last week, done in collaboration with friends and clients.

The Avalia Blockchain eXperience is an interactive workshop that provides a deeper understanding of the technology and its potential to revolutionise a range of industries. During the course of the presentation, Olivier Liecht, CTO and co-founder of Avalia Systems, guides participants to study the architecture of a distributed application, to understand what smart contracts look like, and through demonstrations, he explained the kind of business rules these smart contracts allow to formalize.

Aimed to a diverse audience, from technical to non technical background, our team saw that 90% of participants haven’t had any hands on experience with Blockchain before, and we are happy to say that at the end of the seminar, 100% felt able to describe the different bricks that make up a "Web 3.0" application.

Picture of Olivier Liechti's face, smiling
"This week, we hosted 2 editions of the Avalia Blockchain eXperience with clients and partners in Switzerland. It is a workshop that we have created to give a practical introduction to blockchains and smart contracts. It is always great fun to share this with participants, and to see them exchange their own digital tokens. This time was a bit special, because the two sessions happened during the week of "The Merge", marking the transition of Ethereum from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake."

According to CB Insights’ The State of Blockchain, there was an 88% growth in blockchain deals in 2021 - the equivalent of 5 blockchain deals per business day. Of the 47 global blockchain unicorns, 40 were born in 2021. As governments and financial institutions worldwide experiment with blockchain technology, the question is not if or even when but how.

Picture of Guillaume Serneel's face
“The Blockchain Experience event has been an outstanding opportunity to introduce the fundamental concepts associated with blockchain and cryptocurrencies to a diverse panel of industry representatives. The participants coming from various fields helped put in perspective a wide range of potential use cases and initiate first reflections on concrete applications. Guillaume Serneels, Software Engineer at Avalia Systems.”

At Avalia Systems, we love working on new ways to deliver value to tech investors and software development teams, so if you are interested in hosting a Avalia Blockchain eXperience in your company, please get in touch with our experts.

Olivier Liechti standing with a screen presentation that says thank you


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