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Boosting Developer Productivity with Backstage and DX Hub, a Workshop at DevOps Days Zurich

At the DevOps Days Zurich 2023, Olivier Liechti, the CTO and co-founder of Avalia Systems, delivered a presentation titled "The Power of Developer Portals: a practical introduction to Backstage." This workshop served as an introduction to Backstage. This open-source platform provides a central hub for a company's internal tools and services, resulting in increased productivity, faster development cycles, and a better overall developer experience.

Stage of devops days zurich where Olivier Liechti gave a workshop about DX Hub

Throughout the workshop, Olivier dove into Backstage's technical architecture, giving attendees a comprehensive understanding of how to customize and configure the platform to meet their needs. This approach allowed attendees to gain practical knowledge and understand the potential benefits of using Backstage in their current development process.

Additionally, Olivier announced that he open-sourced some of his work in Developer Experience with the DX Hub on Backstage, highlighting Avalia Systems' commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation in the field. By leveraging DX Hub, organizations can quickly build their developer portal, improving the overall Developer Experience and leading to faster development cycles, better code quality, and increased innovation.

Overall, Olivier's workshop was an informative and practical introduction to Backstage and DX Hub, showcasing the power of developer portals and how they can improve the Developer Experience. Attendees left with a greater understanding of the technical details involved in using Backstage and a sense of the potential benefits of implementing it in their organization.

"On a personal note, both events in Geneva and Zurich were organized by volunteers who worked passionately to make the speakers and the audience feel welcomed. The conferences' atmosphere was remarkable and contributed significantly to building a sense of community among the attendees."


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