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Avalia Systems hosts an event for CTOs to explore the latest trends in Technology Management.

Avalia Systems held the first edition of the Avalia CTO Conference, a unique experience created especially for a select group of leaders in technology, designed for knowledge sharing and obtaining valuable insights to evolve in this area, exchanging experiences among peers, which enables the exchange of valuable information.

The event was a full-day program with dynamic presentations, debates, and networking, with breaks for lunch, and coffee breaks, ending with an interactive gastronomic experience led and prepared by chef Daniela Salim, from Open Kitchen, an exclusive place in the heart of Itaim, in São Paulo.

Attendees discussed best practices in technology management and strategies to better lead high-performance technology teams. Check out what special guests presented at the event below:

Unlock Developer Productivity: the importance of a holistic Developer Experience

Olivier Liechti, CTO, and Co-founder of Avalia spoke about the environment in which developers work, the complexities faced, and how this affects productivity. To illustrate the session, he presented Avalia DX Hub, a developer experience platform created on Backstage, Spotify.

Managing Software with Numbers

Avalia IT Director, Anderson Soffa, brought good practices, tools, and metrics to become more efficient in software development. In this session, he showed how software companies are still lagging in the use of data and numbers for their management and how it is possible to change this reality.

Case Sienge - The real and measurable results of the agile transformation at Softplan

In the first session of the CTO Talk, Guilherme Brasil, CTO at Softplan, brought up a real case study about adopting agile models that started in the organization in 2017 and significantly impacted its structure and processes. As a result, the company saw amazing results, both in visible financial terms and in building and adopting a new culture.

Case Celcoin - Challenges of implementing Open Finance in Brazil

Then, Thiago Zaninotti, CTO of Celcoin, presented the history and innovation introduced by Open Finance in the world, and the challenges of its implementation by a regulated Payment Institution in the Brazilian Financial System.

All presentations were followed by “Roundtables” between Avalia experts and guests, facilitating discussions and the exchange of information and experiences on technology management and the challenges faced by technology leaders daily, which enriched, even more, the knowledge shared during the event.

The Avalia CTO Conference was organized in a petit committee format, just for technology leaders, enabling high-level discussions and great synergy between the group that was consolidated during the breaks and networking moments. Here are some testimonials from guests and hosts:

It was excellent! Congratulations on the organization and thank you for the invitation." Lucas Medeiros de Paula - CTO ar Neoway Business Solutions
It was sensational! Unique experience! I appreciate the opportunity!” André Brasiliano - IT Executive Manager at DASA
The event was sensational, with a lot of learning and exchange. Congratulations to the entire team at Avalia Systems”. Alexandre Bernardoni - CTO & Co-Founder of Hi Platform

Picture of Olivier Liechti, CTO and Cofounder of Avalia Systems

Olivier Liechti

"The CTO Conference was a great event, and what I loved the most was the active participation of the audience. Lots of discussions about the business impact of technology, how to maximize it and how to make it visible. This is something that is part of a good developer experience: knowing why you work and seeing evidence of your impact is a key motivation factor". Olivier Liechti, Cofounder e CTO da Avalia Systems.

Picture of Anderson Soffa, Avalia Systems IT director

Anderson Soffa

“The guests brightened the event with discussions and insights that made it very worthwhile. I look forward to the next one”. Anderson Soffa, Diretor de TI da Avalia Systems.

Picture of John Forman, Avalia Systems business director

John Forman

“It is always a challenge to translate the world of technology and its demands to the top management of organizations, but this is also one of Avalia's differentiators. We always seek to transfer knowledge, often helping the CTO to recognize the positive and negative risks surrounding important technological decisions and demonstrate this to management/board. But we also learned a lot in this process and we bet that bringing our clients' CTOs together could be an opportunity to share experiences and collective learning. The result was amazing and exceeded my expectations!” John Forman, Diretor de Negócios da Avalia Systems.

Technology is the driving force of Avalia Systems, a Swiss company specializing in Software Due Diligence, which provides a clear picture of the software development processes, people, and products of technology companies, enabling the creation of a plan centered on the business, guided by data, which brings faster and more solid results.

Avalia Systems has an innovative approach to Software Due Diligence that combines the power of technology operation data with expert analysis to obtain a clear view of the technology, its risks, opportunities, and actions to improve the impact of technology on business results.

Check out some photos from the Avalia CTO Conference in São Paulo:

 Avalia's guests at the CTO Conference discussing about technology


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