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Avalia Connect - Connecting the dots between technology and business

The Avalia Connect, a series of webcasts hosted by Avalia experts, kicked off with the #1 episode, a Live Talk between John Forman, Camila Carrapatoso, and Philippe Schlumpf to discuss the technology investment scenario in Brazil.

Another topic was the results of the Avalia Q&A sessions with clients and market leaders to gain insight into the trends in technology acquisitions and mergers in Brazil for 2023.

Special guest Philippe Schlumpf is Head of Venture Capital at Kinea and invests in fintech and technology. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zürich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich) and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Picture of Camilla Carrapatoso, head of business at Avalia Systems

Head of Business at Avalia Systems UK

“Avalia Connect is one of Avalia's initiatives that I feel closest to. We know that there is often an abyss between the world of technology and the financial world, and our intention is precisely to be a piece that connects both. With this, understanding how funds and tech companies have inorganic growth as a strategy is super important. The participation of Phillippe from Kinea brought a super interesting market view to our chat in the first episode, plus the house's view on investment trends in 2023, our research (done in 2022), and the current scenario.”

Don’t miss the Avalia Connect #2 about Search Funds in Brazil that focus on technology companies, with special guests Tammara Berezovsky, managing partner at Vitta Capital, and Rodolfo Guglielmi, managing partner at Grit Capital, hosted by Camila Carrapatoso, Head of Business at Avalia Systems UK.


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