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The Web Summit Rio was a well-deserved contribution to the Latin American innovation ecosystem

One of the most relevant events in the tech industry, the Web Summit in Brazil, attracted more than 20,000 people from 90 countries to engage in vibrant discussions and explore various facets of the tech industry.

Photo of the pavilion where Avalia Systems was at the WebSummit Rio 2023

The event brought together founders and investors of influential tech companies in the region, cementing Brazil's position on the global innovation map. Our experts, John Forman and Maurício Bento had the privilege of joining Swissnex at their stand, the SwissTech pavilion, and meeting partners, clients, friends, and peers.

John Forman, head of business at Avalia Systems

"The Web Summit in Rio was an exciting and intense experience. I was happy to discuss our approach to due diligence and advisory services for technology investments. It was an honor to participate in such an important event and showcase Avalia's expertise in the field."

John Forman

Head of Business at Avalia Systems

John Forman hosted a talk about Software Due Diligence, the innovative work we do at Avalia Systems, and how we help companies achieve more with their tech investments by providing data-driven insights into the products, processes, and people and an action plan to ensure the technology can scale, perform and create value.

Maurício Bento, our Head of Business, participated in a roundtable about cybersecurity. Mauricio, in line with Avalia's perspective, discussed how many companies tend to take a basic and superficial approach to cybersecurity and raised a question for reflection: the question is not whether they will face a cyberattack but simply when it will happen.

The discussion focused on increasing public awareness and understanding of cybersecurity risks and best practices, the latest developments and trends in the cybersecurity and privacy field, and the measures businesses can take to be protected from cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Do you know all the cybersecurity risks that your company is currently facing? We invite you to engage in an honest and unbiased conversation with our experts to discuss your potential vulnerabilities. Don't hesitate to contact us and gain valuable insights to better protect your business.

Compilation of photos of Avalia Systems Maurício Bento and John Forman at Websummit Rio. Also represented the Swisstech team.


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