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Tech M&A: the impact and importance of Software Due Diligence

Last February 16th, in London, at the Tech M&A Talk, Dinner & Networking 2nd edition, our UK Head of Business, Camilla Carrapatoso hosted industry-leading guests for a discussion on the importance and impact of Software Due Diligence.

At the event, Rodney Reis, our CEO and co-founder, and Alexis Christofides, UK Partner M&A at Tata Consultancy Services, gave a presentation and answered questions from the guests, leading to an insightful dialogue.

Special guest Alexis, an experienced M&A professional with involvement in over 350 transactions, such as commercial strategy, due diligence, and post-merger integration and separation, added great value to the discussion.

Picture of Rodney Reis, Avalia Systems CEO

Co-founder and CEO Avalia Systems

Alexis has a significant amount of experience in software due diligence. Combined, we have over 500 projects under our belts. At the Avalia event in London, we took the stage to show how a well-executed tech due diligence can lead to substantial financial gains for corporates and funds alike. The audience provided overwhelmingly positive feedback, and I look forward to the next one.

Picture of Camilla Carrapatoso, Avalia Systems Head of business in the UK

UK Head of Business at Avalia Systems.

We welcomed TCS's UK M&A Partner, Alexis Christofides, for the second edition of the Avalia Tech M&A Talk, as a special guest. Amongst the interesting questions, the fire chat with our CEO, Rodney Reis approached points such as he importance of having a technology diagnosis, how technology directly impacts the business and revenue generation, and post-deal noise reduction that Due Diligence provides, and others.The presence of a representative of a leading company like Tata highlights how there is room in the market for giant tech companies to work in synergy with niche companies.

The feedback from participants of Avalia Tech M&A Talk, Dinner & Networking has reaffirmed its value as a platform for meaningful conversations and real networking opportunities.

We are eagerly anticipating the next event.


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