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DevOpsDays Floripa 2023: Unlocking the Power of Development Platforms

Image saying Avalia Systems is a sponsor for the devops days floripa

We are excited to be sponsoring and attending DevOpsDay Floripa, which is scheduled for November 11th in Floripa, Brazil.

DevOpsDays is a globally recognized series of technical conferences that gathers professionals and developers to discuss topics related to software development and IT infrastructure operations. These events are organized and run by volunteers from the local tech community.

Our Technical Director, Anderson Soffa, will be presenting a talk on Internal Developer Portals and Backstage, Spotify's open-source developer portal framework.

Photo of Anderson Soffa, Avalia Systems's technical director

Technical Director at Avalia Systems

The objective is to delve into the concept of "developer portals" and their potential to transform platform teams and product teams. These tools play a crucial role in fostering collaboration among developers and enabling them to work seamlessly while abstracting the complexities associated with operations. Additionally, Soffa will share practical examples from recent projects and highlight common pitfalls to avoid when implementing these developer portals.

If you are located in Floripa, we encourage you to check out the event agenda and register.

Otherwise, you can explore the upcoming events in other locations worldwide right here.


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