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Avalia Systems wins IMD Startup Competition

Photo of IMD headquarters

Avalia wins IMD startup competition. The IMD team in collaboration with CTI, Investiere, MassChallenge Switzerland, and VentureKick has selected Avalia Systems as one of the winners of its 2017/2018 competition.

Avalia will benefit from highly talented, experienced, and motivated individuals who have been carefully screened to participate in one of the most selective and rigorous business programs in the world, IMD’s MBA.

Many ventures have received lasting value from working with their MBAs and EMBAs. In the most recent Swiss Top 100 report, IMD-supported startups captured 31 of the top 100 places, including the first 6 out of the top 10.

Avalia was chosen among 130 applicants to join a group of 15 companies that will be supported by the MBAs during the 1st half of 2018. The students will provide 600 hours of work supported by IMD’s world-class faculty. The team will work closely with Avalia to tackle strategic business challenges such as marketing strategy, and international business development.


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