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Avalia CTO Presents Software Modernisation Success Case at InnerSource Commons 2019

Picture of some members of Avalia Systems including the CEO Rodney Reis and the CTO Olivier Liechti

How do you bring a legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to the cloud, with the promise of enabling new business models and reducing costs? How do you tackle an enormous technical and organizational debt accumulated over decades? How do you initiate a radical transformation and how do you put people in motion?

These are the challenges that Guilherme de Assis Brasil, the newly hired CTO of a business unit within Softplan (Brazilian leading ERP company), took on a couple of years ago. In this talk, our CTO, Dr. Olivier Liechti, explains how we had the opportunity to work with Guilherme and support him with a data-driven approach.

After introducing the notion of software analytics, we explain how we have used metrics to diagnose the problems first and then to support a continuous improvement process. We review a series of specific experiments done in this context, discussing both successes and challenges. We emphasize the human aspects of the transition and explain how metrics can be powerful when it comes to trigger conversations and to drive behavior change

We explain how our initial recommendations were to inspire teams to adopt practices that can be seen “in action” on GitHub. In this talk, Dr. Liechti will map our experiments to problems described in the InnerSource catalog and compare our solutions to those embodied in the patterns. These talks will take place on the 10th of April at the InnerSource Commons Spring Summit 2019 in Galway, Ireland.

Photo of Guilherme Brasil, CTO UNIC Softplan

CTO UNIC, Softplan

“Once I saw the results of Avalia’s due diligence on an M&A deal I knew they could help me bring our software development team to the next level.”

Ultimately, Softplan successfully migrated from a monolith architecture to a micro-services architecture with open APIs, enabling an ecosystem of innovations based on their ERP Sienge, and improving the quality of their software delivery.

Softplan was also awarded the IBM Beacon Award in 2019 for “Outstanding Service or Solution Built and Delivered on IBM Cloud”, moving from having a legacy system to becoming a market reference in technical innovation.


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