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Avalia Advises Porto Seguro in Atar M&A Deal

Avalia Systems conducted the Software Due Diligence for Porto Seguro in the acquisition of a 74.6% stake in Atar B2B, a fintech company developing Banking as a Service (BaaS) solutions that will integrate into the Porto Seguro ecosystem.

Porto Seguro is one of Brazil’s largest insurance companies and the acquisition of Atar B2B consolidates the company's share in the financial services sector and complements the portfolio with a digital account.

Photo of Roger Garcia  Superintendent of Porto Seguro Financeira

Superintendent of Porto Seguro Financeira

Avalia provided high-level technical information as well as insights into key people management within the due diligence target. The final report was instrumental in coordinating post-deal strategic planning.

Avalia Systems advises leaders on how to obtain the best results from their technology investments and performs Software Due Diligence aligned with the investment thesis to answer questions such as:

  • Is the product scalable?

  • How efficient is the tech team?

  • Who are the key people in tech?

  • What are the main cybersecurity risks?

Software Due Diligence is a crucial part of a tech investment or acquisition for its in-depth view of technology assets, which focuses on systems' infrastructure, people, and processes and alignment with the business objectives. Avalia’s Software Due Diligence results in a comprehensive report of the investment target and a roadmap to accelerate the strategic business growth plan post-deal.


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