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 Ep. 2

Season 2

Webcast with experts from the technology investment market, business, and innovation.
Demystifying AI
In this Avalia Connect's episode, we're spilling the beans on why Artificial Intelligence is the talk of the town, not just in tech circles, but pretty much everywhere. We're breaking it down from the viewpoint of investors and managers, giving you the lowdown on what makes AI so darn interesting. Join us for a casual chat about the wild world of AI and how it's shaking things up in the financial and managerial arenas. Don't miss out – it's like AI, but with a cool twist!
Alex Alves


With over 20 years of experience, Alex Alves excels in solving emerging business challenges. Notably, he contributed to an OSI seven-layered platform, facilitated IT enterprises' Internet transition, and innovated workflow systems. In data and machine learning, he architected platforms, predicting global customer demand for Amazon. Recently, he designed a pandemic-responsive supply-chain platform. Currently focused on healthcare, Alex explores the future of wellness-focused customer experiences.

Rodney Reis


Extensive experience in software due diligence, from Nasdaq listings, to M&A, PE, and VC investment deals. Background in Computer Science, business, and finance. Published peer-reviewed articles and case studies with the IEEE and IMD business school in Switzerland about leadership and strategy in the tech industry.


Camilla Carrapatoso

Head of Business UK at Avalia Systems, specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions, investor relations, and corporate development. With a Master's in Science from the University of Falmouth, she brings extensive expertise in financial markets, structured trade financing, and entrepreneurship.

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