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3 Ways Data Leads to Better Investment Deals in Technology

‘Big data’ has become quite the buzzword in tech circles lately. It’s easy to conceive that data analysis can lead to more informed decisions but it’s not always clear how data should or could be used to help us get the answers we are looking for.

So today, we want to share three ways data has helped our clients make sound decisions in investment deals. These are lessons learned through our software due diligence platform while advising clients in deals and internal audits.

Data Can Lead to a Better Investment Deal in 3 Ways:

  1. Who wrote this code? Version control systems like git hold all the data about who wrote what code. When you plot this data, you see contributions at an individual level that open questions and contractual clauses with significant impact on a deal.

  2. How much is wasted? Project management tools like Jira, Trello, and IBM Jazz track the progress of each task, from fixing a bug to delivering a new release. This data shows rework, bottlenecks, and risks in development that hold tremendous hidden value.

  3. What is the technical debt? Developers deliver software faster by leaving issues behind to be solved later. This “debt” makes it harder to develop and maintain the software, slowing teams down, and causing bugs. Code data can show how much of the software needs rebuilding and how fast new products can be delivered.

For a case on how data can provide surprising insights, check our IBM – Red Hat software due diligence report.

To learn more about how Avalia's Software Due Diligence can help your business, contact us.


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