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Navigating Tech M&A Deals In A Complex Market

Navigating Tech M&A Deals In A Complex Market, was the central theme of the 1st Women in Tech M&A Talk in São Paulo, with special guests Barbara Raymundo, partner at Oria Capital, and Mariana Moura, partner at 23S.

Alessandra Rauh, our Director of Operations, welcomed Barbara Raymundo and Mariana Moura to a panel in which they talked about their professional careers, challenges, and interesting stories, and about the complex process of due diligence in such a challenging market.

Mariana Moura, a partner at 23S Capital, has extensive experience in growth investments in Brazil and is a director at Bionexo and SiMCo and a member of the executive committees of MedSênior, Smart Fit, and Superbac.

Bárbara A. Raymundo, a partner at Oria since 2018, has 15 years of experience in alternative investment markets, innovation projects in credit and company turnarounds, and management of early-stage investments in technology.

The event was a success and provided an invaluable opportunity for professionals to connect, share experiences, and learn from each other's best practices.

Picture of Alessandra Rauh, Avalia Systems director of operations

Director of Operations at Avalia Systems

“Women's month has arrived and it couldn't go unnoticed. We decided to bring together an eclectic group of women who operate in the technology investment ecosystem to meet face-to-face and exchange experiences. I’m very grateful for the participation and interest of all who were able to come and contribute. I look forward to the next one!"

Picture of Luciana Santos, Avalia System's Head of Marketing

Head of marketing at Avalia Systems

“The mission to create a space for women leaders in tech M&A to discuss business and networking was successful and we are already preparing the next gathering.”

The feedback we receive from Tech M&A Talk & Networking event attendees affirms its value as a platform for conversations, events, and real networking opportunities. We are already planning the next ones.


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