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Finding Opportunities in Tech Amidst Market Challenges: Market Update - Q1 and Beyond

Picture of people at homegrown london for Avalia's Tech M&A Talk event with beauhurst

This was the topic at the Tech M&A Talk, Dinner and Networking 3rd edition London

In collaboration with Beauhurst, Avalia Systems recently organized a thought-provoking event called "Finding Opportunities in Tech Amidst Market Challenges: Market Update - Q1 and Beyond." The event brought together industry experts, including Henry Whorwood, the Head of Research and Consultancy at Beauhurst, and Camilla Carrapatoso, Head of Business UK at Avalia Systems, who shared their invaluable insights and reflections on the current year and the trajectory of the industry.

Despite the challenges faced in the tech sector during this period, the event emphasized that it continues to offer numerous prospects for innovation, investment, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). The panelists shed light on emerging trends, disruptive technologies, and areas poised for growth. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of the market landscape and were able to identify potential opportunities for their businesses.

Camilla Carrapatos, head of business at Avalia Systems and Henry Whorwood, head of research and consultancy at beauhurst

“It was fascinating to see many people wanting to understand more about tech DD, its applications, and the assessments companies can - and should do - if they need to cut costs while still performing. Times are definitely changing, and it is encouraging to see investors and entrepreneurs connecting the dots between tech and business.”

Camilla Carrapatoso, Head of Business UK at Avalia Systems

The Tech M&A Talk, Dinner, and Networking event organized by Avalia Systems has proven to be a significant and impactful occasion.

Providing expert insights and valuable networking opportunities, Avalia has successfully created and nurtured an important platform for leading industry professionals.


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