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Drooms, Europe’s leading data room for M&A, endorses Avalia

Drooms is the leading data room provider in Europe, facilitating highly secure access to confidential documents as well as the ability to exchange them with third parties around the globe.

Drooms enables the transparent, efficient and secure management of confidential business processes such as commercial real estate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, NPL transactions and board communications.

With servers based in Germany and Switzerland, more than 25’000 organisations work with Drooms having managed over €300 Billion in transactions.

Drooms is an Avalia Systems client, Jan Hoffmeister, Managing Director and Founder of Drooms, recommends Avalia Systems to anyone making an M&A, Private Equity or Venture Capital deal that involves digital assets:

Photo of Jan Hoffmeister,  Managing Director and Founder of Drooms

Managing Director and Founder of Drooms

“If you are closing an M&A, PE or VC deal, make sure you have Avalia’s software due diligence done. I wouldn’t do a deal without it.”

Avalia Systems provides a fast, comprehensive, and data driven due diligence of software assets (code), development processes, and teams. Avalia’s software analytics platform mines data from multiple tools such as code repositories, project management, and code analysers to power their assessment of digital assets and capabilities. In just a few days, Avalia provides an assessment that would traditionally take months of expert effort to obtain.


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