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Enhancing Developer Experience with DX Hub, Backstage and Bossa Nova at DevOps Days Geneva

Avalia Systems's CTO Olivier Liechti shared his insights about Developer Experience at the DevOps Days Geneva event on April 25th, 2023. In his talk titled "What can we learn from Bossa Nova? Achieving Simplicity and Elegance in Developer Experience," Olivier introduced the audience to the multi-faceted concept of Developer Experience.

Picture of Olivier Liechti at Devops Days

A positive developer experience can significantly impact productivity, enabling teams to work faster, more collaboratively, and with fewer errors and improve overall business outcomes.

During his talk, Olivier explained how Backstage and DX Hub could support a good Developer Experience strategy. He explored the concept of "developer portals," which serve as a central hub for developers to access the tools, resources, and information they need to build, test, and deploy applications.

Olivier also ran several demos to showcase its capabilities and shared lessons learned from the work he has been leading on Developer Experience in Brazil.

During his DevOps Days Geneva presentation, Olivier Liechti emphasized the importance of achieving a better developer experience to improve software development teams' results, productivity, and agility. The audience gained valuable insights and received Olivier's presentation well; his talk was one of the event's highlights.

"On a personal note, both events in Geneva and Zurich were organized by volunteers who worked passionately to make the speakers and the audience feel welcomed. The conferences' atmosphere was remarkable and contributed significantly to building a sense of community among the attendees."


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