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Avalia Unveils New Logo to Reflect Its Focus on Clarifying Technology Investments

Avalia has updated its brand with a new logo to reflect the company’s evolution towards a more integrated perspective on the importance of clarity in technology investments. This spans evaluating technical risks and capabilities for M&A, Private Equity, and Venture Capital deals, as well as the development and operations of software systems.

Avalia Systems logo before and after

Since its establishment in 2016, Avalia has specialized in guiding organizations through complex technology investment decisions, providing execution roadmaps, and assessing results. The new logo represents a shift towards a more unified approach where DXHub, Avalia’s platform for assessing and tracking the business impact of software projects, merges pre- and post-investment perspectives into a single system.

Rodney Reis, CEO of Avalia, stated“Investing in software extends beyond M&A, Private Equity, and Venture Capital deals. Every decision an organization makes about starting, continuing, or stopping a software project—from integrating the latest AI innovations to modernizing legacy ERP or monolithic applications—involves investment choices. With our support, organizations can leverage the same tools that the best M&A and Private Equity teams use to make informed decisions. Our new logo is more than just aesthetic; it symbolizes our commitment to providing a broader perspective on the business impact of technology, with enhanced focus and clarity.”

The redesigned logo retains elements of Avalia’s heritage but introduces new dynamic colors and a refined focus, reflecting the company’s expanded vision. While Avalia has introduced a new visual identity, its core promise remains unchanged: to exceed expectations.

Avalia new logo structure

Through a data-driven and business-centric approach, Avalia empowers organizations to invest in technology confidently, whether to modernize their technological foundations or to accelerate growth and innovation.


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